Join Wigbank

The Wig Bank Mission was set down by our founder Agnes Lennox, and all Wig Banks should be managed in the same way, whether it is in a hair salon or from your own home the principals remain the same. We collect in donated wigs, wash and disinfect them, restyle if necessary and sell them on to anyone wanting a wig from £20.

We now have a number of ladies doing this service in other parts of the country, and doing a great job, however it has come to our attention that some have decided to organise themselves differently from the way Agnes had intended. With this in mind I now feel it is time to ask everyone involved to sign a term and conditions agreement. This is to make sure that we are all operating this very valuable service the way Agnes had intended.

As soon as we get this signed contract returned your name and details will be put on the website.

We would wish to inform any new ladies who want to join us in the WigBank regarding setting up another service in other parts of the country that are at present we are not requiring any more additional WigBanks.

Anyone who is interested in joining us in the future is very welcome to send us their particulars and we would get in touch when the occasion arises to discuss further.