The WigBank

My late sister Agnes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. For her the worst part of all the treatments was losing her hair during chemotherapy. To buy a new wig at the time cost a lot of money – even an NHS prescription one was expensive, so she decided to set up the Wig Bank to help others, so they could buy a wig at an affordable price.

People donate their no longer needed wigs to the Wig Bank; we wash condition and disinfect them. Then sell them from £10 Agnes did really want to help other ladies in the same situation as her. With this in mind I am continuing the work she started. If I can be of help to someone who needs a wig I will do my best. On request I send out a few wigs for clients to choose from in their own home then they can return what they don’t want. If you wish I can bring them to you and help you choose. The decision is yours to make.

I have now added this online shop with lots of cheap modern glamorous synthetic new and pre loved wigs for women of all ages along with a selection accessories and clearance lines.