About WigBank

We now have a number of ladies doing this service in other parts of the country, and doing a great job, however it has come to our attention that some have decided to organise themselves differently form the way Agnes had intended. With this in mind I now feel it is time to ask everyone involved to sign a term and conditions agreement. This is to make sure that we are all operating this very valuable service in the way Agnes had intended.

My late sister Agnes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. For her the worst part of all the treatments was losing her hair during chemotherapy. To buy a new wig at the time cost a lot of money – even an NHS prescription one was expensive, so she decided to set up the Wig Bank to help others.

Agnes’s Mission

People donate their no longer needed wigs to the Wig Bank; we wash condition and disinfect them, then sell them for £20, donating £5 from each sale to a cancer caring charity. Agnes did really want to help others in the same situation as herself. With this in mind I am continuing the work she started. If I can be of help to someone who needs a wig I will do my best. On request I send out a few wigs for clients to choose from in their own home then they can return what they don’t want and pay for what they do want. If you wish I can bring them to you and help you choose. The decision is yours to make.

I have now added this online shop with lots of cheap modern glamorous synthetic new and pre loved wigs for women of all ages along with a selection accessories and clearance lines.

It is my intention to ask those who have joined us to sign an agreement to undertake the Wig Bank Mission which was set down by the founder Agnes Lennox. All Wig Banks should be managed in the same way. Whether it is in a hair salon or from your own home the principals are the same. We collect in donated wigs, wash and disinfect them restyle if necessary and sell them on to anyone wanting a wig for £20 with £5 going to a cancer charity of your choice. The remaining money will be use in administration costs, stamps postage, phone bills and the purchase of new wigs for the Wigbank.

1/ All persons using the Wig Bank name must agree to the working practices put in place by the founder Agnes Lennox.

2/ All donated wigs are for sale for £20 and £5 from each wig must go to a cancer charity. Records must be kept regarding money taken and to which charities it has been given to.

3/ Persons running Wigbanks must inform us if they decide to give up for whatever reason. We need to keep our website up to date with latest information on who and where all the Wigbanks are running from.

4/ If the person running a Wigbank receives an email from us, they must acknowledge the e-mail and send us follow up information letting us know the outcome and any actions taken on behalf of the Wigbank

Elizabeth Cameron