About WigBank


We now have a number of ladies doing this service in other parts of the country, and doing a great job, which I am very grateful for  I’m sure Agnes would be so very proud

My late sister Agnes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. For her the worst part of all the treatments was losing her hair during chemotherapy. To buy a new wig at the time cost a lot of money – even an NHS prescription one was expensive, so she decided to set up the Wig Bank to help others.

Agnes’s Mission

People donate their no longer needed wigs to the Wig Bank; washed and conditioned.   ( this is for hygiene reasons due to covid)

we then sell them from £10 giving a donation to a cancer charity.  Agnes did really want to help others in the same situation as herself. With this in mind I am continuing the work she started. If I can be of help to someone who needs a wig I will do my best. On request I send out a selection of wigs for clients to choose from in their own home, then they can return what they don’t want and pay for what they do want. The decision is yours to make. Take as long as you need  there is absolutely no rush  if none are suitable we can send out more  until you find one your happy with

We have now added an online shop to the website with lots of affordable modern glamorous synthetic, human hair, new, donated and pre loved wigs for women of all ages along with a selection accessories and clearance lines.

I sincerely hope that you will find our wigbank service useful during a difficult time.